My projects tend to be technology oriented, but I mess around with wood working and cars some as well.

Most of my older electronics projects are based on a Motorla 6808 microprocessor. If your not familiar with this chip, you may find it useful to study the “6808 bench” project. This project contains notes on building what is esentually a “Heathkit ET-3400-A” CLONE. Which is a student trainer for the 6808.  New electronics projects will include the use of an Arduino, but I may still dabble in building micro computers from scratch.

Picture of my electronics shop.

Computer projects will tend to be Linux based.  Currently I’m using Ubuntu with my projects.  I’m sure my projects will port to your favorite flavor.
Picture of the parts going into one of my computer projects.
My RC projects are mostly RC airplanes, but I am starting to dabble in RC helicopters.  There might even be a quadrocopter in my future.
Picture of the parts going into one of my airplane projects.
My electronics and RC hobbies come together in my robotics projects.   This is a project that may never really complete.  This project is really more a platform to experiment with.
Picture of the robot.
I also have have a mini-mill and lathe.  I use these to make  parts for my different projects.
Picture of the mill.
Please feel free to make copies of any material on this site. If you have any questions, technical or otherwise please let me know and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.